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ORF Genetics
Bjorn Orvar

Introduction to Texture Technologies Corp.
Marc Johnson

Introduction to GenScript
Melody Chang

Scaling IntegriCulture

Dr. Yuki Hanyu, IntegriCulture

Building a Biotech with Benchling

Shaan Kamal, Tom McCrory, and Sean McCormack

Leveraging the Expertise and Infrastructure of Global Partners to Accelerate Growth

Dr. Neta Lavon, PhD

Applications of Cultured Meat in Religious Contexts
Brianna Steward

Cultured Meat and the Generational Divide

Evan B Koss

Steve Molino of Clear Current Capital

Steve Molino and Alex Shirazi


Leo Groenewegen

Joe Fassler on the Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast
Joe Fassler, The Counter

Ahmed Khan, CellAgri

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